Forget pills. Essential daily nutrients in a shot.

Organic plant-based ingredients, enriched with natural vitamins and minerals.

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Super natural power. Bottled.

Made from a colourful spectrum of nutrient-dense plants to help fill the gaps in your diet.

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Pills don’t grow on trees, but nutrition naturally does.

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Want to know how your genes affect how you should live and eat?

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Cold-pressed nutrition for time-pressed people

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    Mini but mighty, The Essentials is designed to help fill the gaps left by modern diets and busy lifestyles. It’s packed with organic spinach, apple, lime, ginger, spirulina, lemon and wheatgrass to give you a dose of what your body needs. And all for just 50 calories.


    Our purple potion is a powerful blend of organic beetroot, carrot, pear, acai, a hint of cacao and a dash of lime, designed to give your body the nutrients it needs to keep firing on all cylinders. Shake it, neck it and give your mind and body a natural boost.

The most important vitamins and minerals from veg, fruit and superfoods. Bottled.

Our bodies need a whole spectrum of vitamins and minerals to be at their best, and in hectic modern lives that can be hard to achieve. At Nell Natural Elements we’ve developed recipes using all-natural nutrient-dense ingredients to help fill the gaps, meaning that our little bottles punch way above their weight.

Nell Natural Elements

Natural nutrition blends, the way our bodies deserve

When it comes to nutrition, there’s no substitute for a balanced and wholesome diet. Cold-pressed shots by Nell Natural Elements are all-natural so the nutrients you need are in the form your body is best able to absorb, free from nasty chemicals and synthetics.  Because multivitamins don’t grow on trees; natural nutrition does.

Nell Natural Elements

Everybody is different. How well do you know yours?

Good nutrition is fundamental to good health, but of course there’s a lot more to it than that. So, to kick-start your journey towards optimised health, at Nell we want to help you understand your body better. And that means partnering with experts to hone in on the most robust research around; no fads, no gimmicks.

Nell Natural Elements

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We want to help people monitor, manage and optimize their health like never before.  Join us today for exclusive offers and the latest news from the sector.  We promise we’ll keep it lean!